Let the Great World Spin

Ordinary people who make up this extra ordinary world


I own a book written by Pilippe Petit the French funambulist and watched the documentary film " Man on Wire". I was initially interested in this book because of it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was not a story about Petit nor about well-known heroes. It was about the lives of ordinary people who live in this great city of New York, such as an Irish priest and a prostitute. These ordinary people lead insignificant lives and probably never do great things to change the world. Yet, they made me care about them. I especially felt for a mother who lost her son in war.

Every time the cable walk between World Trade Center is mentioned in this book, I couldn’t help but flinch a bit remembering these towers do not exist anymore. Then, I realize that New York City and the World have changed, but our world is still very similar. There’s something universal in humanity.

His writing is beautiful and even though there are many characters, the story is easy to follow and cohesive.

Colum McCann has a big heart. He cares every ordinary life who makes this great world. His characters will keep on living in my mind.