Battle of the Kids’ Books 第1ラウンド第2マッチの結果

School Library JournalのBattle of Kids' Books  第1ラウンド第2マッチの取り組みの結果が出ました。




The Evolution of Calurnia の勝ち〜!ワタクシこれで2戦2勝ですぞ!


It is perhaps unfair to judge Fire and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate in the same contest. The first is clearly a YA book and the second is for a younger audience.

たぶん Fire と The Evolution of Calpurnia Tateを同じコンテストで判定するのは不公平であろう。前者は明らかにYA(ヤングアダルト)向けであり、後者はもっと年下の読者が対象だからだ。

That being said, I think The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is truly outstanding and deserves to win. It’s like a breath of fresh air. The characters are so beautifully drawn and likeable. Calpurnia’s relationship with her family feels completely real and the book is true to that period of time and that location. What I particularly like is the unstated (yet clear) love the characters have for each other. There are so few books anymore that portray a happy family. I think children need to know that not all families are riddled with divorce, infidelity, child abuse and drug addiction, the favorite topics of children’s books today.

とはいえ、 The Evolution of Calpurnia Tateはまさに卓越した作品であり、勝つに値する。この作品はまるで新風のようだ。登場人物がよく描かれており、好感が持てる。Calpurniaと家族の関係は完璧に現実的であり、この時代と場所も誠実に描かれている。特に私が気に入ったのは、家族同士の暗黙だが歴然とした互いへの愛情である。幸福な家族を描いた本は非常に稀になってしまった。最近の児童書に多いトピックは、離婚、不倫、児童虐待、薬物依存症といったものであるが、すべての家族がそうではないのだということを子どもたちは知る必要があると思うのだ。

The dialogue in Calpurnia is pitch-perfect, showing each character’s personality. Calpurnia’s mood swings from joy to despair and back again, are exactly what a girl of that age experiences. Her grandfather’s dignified affection for her is completely believable. Viola is an especially interesting character, caught as she is between slavery and freedom. She never forgets her or anyone else’s social standing, but is loyal to the Tate family. Her personality is vivid and intelligent. Even the minor characters in this novel are carefully drawn. The book is simply marvelous on every level.

Calpurnia に出てくる会話は、それぞれの性格をよく表現していて完璧である。Calpurniaの感情が嬉々としたものから絶望に揺れ動くのも、この年齢の少女が経験するそのものである。祖父のCalpurniaに対する威厳ある愛情も真実みがある。(後は同様なので省略)

I thought Fire was clever, but I couldn’t relate to the characters or tell most of them apart. It reads like a science fiction book, and that is a genre that depends on ideas rather than character. Even for a YA, though, Fire contained a great deal of violence, torture, mutilation and rape. I found the story depressing. If there had been one good friendship or love affair I could have forgiven it, but everyone seemed to suffer all the time. Fire should probably have been paired with another YA novel.


しかし、バトルコマンダーのJonathan Huntは以下のように異なる意見のようです。

Actually, FIRE probably should have been paired with a different judge.  Bring back Tamora Pierce!  Bring back Kristin’s mom!  Bring back anybody who can advance Cashore past the second round!  Didn’t SLJ get the memo from Battle Commander about this conspiracy?  Where are the co-conspirators?  And who knew Nancy would be so squeamish about violence, torture, mutilation, and rape?  I mean, aren’t those staples of any good Viking story?  Truth be told, while I think FIRE is better written than GRACELING, I wasn’t nearly as captivated by the world-building nor as enamored with the characters, so I can’t fault Nancy for her lack of enthusiasm on those points.  And yet I am also on record as being strangely unaffected by CALPURNIA.  Long and boring.  Yawn.  It just didn’t resonate with me on any level.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 

Fireは(他の本ではなく)他の審判と組ませるべきだったと思う。Tamora Pierceを連れ戻してくれ〜!Kristin(Fireの作者)のお母さんを連れ戻してくれ〜!誰でもいいから、Cashore( Kristin Cashore)の本を第二ラウンドに進ませてくれる審判を連れて来てくれ〜!Nancy(審判)が暴力、拷問、身体の切り刻み、レイプ、に対してそんなに繊細だったなんて知らなかったよ。優れたVikingの話にはこういうのは定番じゃないの。


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