Battle of the Kids’ Books 第1ラウンド第6マッチの結果

School Library JournalのBattle of Kids'

対戦Peace, Locomotion vs. A Season of Gifts






審判Cynthia KadohataはPeace, Locomotionへの不満を次のように述べています。

Everybody brings something different to the table when he or she
reads a book.  What I brought to the table was that I once stayed in a
foster home, albeit briefly, with my sister and I living in a different
home than my little brother did.  It was an intense and emotional
experience, and I admired the emotions and intensity that Peace,
offered up.  Still, I found myself wanting more because 
the subject matter demanded more.  Instead, Woodson tells how Lonnie
feels without ever really convincing me:  “I felt like something was
breaking inside of me.  I felt like I could hear our own true Mama
looking down at us and biting her lip to keep tears from coming.” 
That’s the age-old problem of telling instead of showing, and it happens
too often in what is overall a fine book. It’s easy to spot the problem
because I do it so often myself.

と深いものだったのに、「Peace, Locomotion」で作者はLonnieの声を使って「I felt like, I felt


It could be that Woodson took more risks than Peck, that he simply
knows what he does best, and he did it in A Season of Gifts
But why not do what you do best? It's s a lovely, lovely book and
a joy to read.  A Season of Gifts it is.

単に自分が何が得意かを知っており、A Season of GiftsでそれをやってのけたPeck(A Season of gift)より、Woodson(Locomotionの作者)は困難なことに挑戦したのかもしれない。けれども、自分が得意なことをやってどこがいけないのだろう?A Season of Giftsは、素敵な、素敵な、読むのが楽しい本である(ここのところだけはは、私はぜんぜん同感できませんが)。

しかし、 A Season of Giftsがlovelyってのは米国人特有の感覚なのかなぁ?作者が何を狙っているのかはわかるけれど、私はそれが鼻についてすご〜く嫌でした。

どちらにしてA Season of Giftsは2回戦でMarching for Freedomに負けるでしょう。今から既に予測しておきますです。

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